Intuitive Coach Certification Program!

Intuitive Coaching Training Program

Skyrocket your growth by learning to master the inner game!  Do you feel called to become an intuitive coach or spirit channel to help yourself and others? Ready to step onto a Higher Path?  This exclusive certification program takes intuitive training to a new level.  Specifically for individuals who want to teach, coach, start a soul centered business or simply step onto a higher path in your everyday life.  This course is for beginners, intermediate and professional healers.  Get ready go beyond the basics and take your skills to the next level.  It is a perfect adjunct to any business or healing modality, those ready to pursue their life’s work by bringing your unique guidance into the work in an expanded way.

Get ready for a transformational experience with spirit.  You will embark on  journey like no other, through divine growth and powerful intuitive development, your life is about to take an interesting and exciting turn.  Buckle up it’s going to be amazing.

A Sample of the program

  • 3-4 live tele-classes (per month) with a new theme every month along with online/phone practice.
  • 6-60 minute private one on one  coaching sessions with Jennifer.
  • Hands on experience-learn how to read energy and coach others-many methods provided.
  • Practicum real world style learning-master the art of delivery.
  • Opportunity to coach real individuals while Jennifer offers feedback and guidance.
  • Vibrational marketing-start and market your healing or current business through energetic marketing and symbols.
  • Create products from a higher self/soul source.
  • 1 year access to the Insight Circle membership (click membership link for full details)
  • Certification awarded upon successful completion of a 6 months cycle.

$777.00 Pay in Full


$900 monthly payment option ($150.00 per month)

Email Jennifer at to setup a time to discuss if this program is right for you!

Teacher Training/Mentorship Program

Custom created for you by Jennifer.  Perfect for anyone who wants to take a quantum leap into your life’s work. Intuitive coaching and teaching is the next level in creative expression and deep soul healing.  Expressing yourself and leading others to awaken the greatness in them is absolutely the most rewarding and powerful work on the planet.

This training creates a way to get information to a broader audience.  Its time for those who are ready to step up by seeding their knowledge into the community.

  • Learn to hold space for individuals, group or in a classroom setting, addressing dynamics and issues that come up in a workshop.
  • Gain more confidence to teach your material and experiences, you will receive help designing programs.
  • Calling in clients to your work (symbols/energetic marketing along with tangible action steps).
  • Full access to the Insight Circle membership for 1 year.
  • 2-3 hours of hands on mentoring each month on your specific needs

Email Jennifer at for an application and additional details.

All coaching packages include tapping into your energetic signature, channeling and symbol work. Perfect for any personal matter, relationships with self and others.  Perfect for business owners, sales people and entrepreneurs .