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Intuitive Coaching Session

Intuitive Coaching is the ability to read a persons’ energetic signature and offer them divine direction and guidance.  It’s viewing the self and higher dimensions of you from an energetic and divine perspective. This type of coaching comes from the belief that everything is energy and you are vibrating at a certain frequency and co-creating in every moment of everyday.  The model is designed to help you bring forth the magnificence that is already inside you, to give you a leg up, help you walk your  true path and achieve what you are meant to in this life.

If you’re ready to consciously create, view your life from a higher perspective, are open to healing and ready to take action, Intuitive Coaching is for you.

Back to school special! Purchase through end of Summer (September 21, 2017) use anytime over the next 12 months:

1 Hour Session 125.00

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