Intuitive Coaching Program

Take your intuition and life’s work to the next level!

This membership program takes your intuitive gifts and spiritual purpose on the planet to a new level.  Designed for individuals ready to take their growth to greater heights.  Specifically for anyone who wants to teach, coach, start a soul-centered business or simply enhance your everyday life.  The Insight Circle is for beginners, intermediate and professional healers who want practicum hands on learning and a solid community for support.

Who is this program for?

Spiritually minded  individuals who want to develop techniques to skyrocket your life  with clarity, heightened intuition, coaching and leadership in your life.  A perfect adjunct to any business, those ready to pursue their life’s work by bringing your unique gifts into the world in an expanded way.  You will embark on a journey like no other, aligning your vibration with exactly what you want to create!

Why join this program?

The Intuitive Coaching Program is the next generation of intuitive and  business development. There is nothing quite like it on the market today.  By understanding your current vibration, we learn to align and tune into the frequency of exactly what your heart desires.   Make a solid decision to commit to a new way of being.  Jennifer will coach you on  specific needs and goals.

What is included in this program?

Personal one on one coaching and practicum style learning.   We will focus on creating and expanding your intuitive abilities, shamanic journeying, higher self, starting or growing a business, vibrational marketing, magnetizing money, quantum leaps, channeling/high guides, and so much more.   Coaching is catered to your specific needs and schedule along with clients to coach for real world experience. Access to the online portion immediately.  Tons of material already loaded so you can begin immediately.

  • Clairvoyant Living
  • Jennifer’s top 5 book recommendations
  • How to read energy and energetic signatures
  • Akashic Records
  • Mediumship/Channeling
  • Shamanic Journeys-Power animals and high guides
  • Learn the end and outs of Vibrational Marketing (step out of traditional marketing methods that simply do not work)
  • Expand your business in a way that feels good, feeds your passion and allows you to stay in aliment with self
  • Learn to start and market your healing or current business though energetic marketing and symbols
  • Business resources/Technology basics
  • Private Facebook page where Jennifer will continue to coach and answer questions to all Insight Circle exclusively
  • 24/7 login access
  • Recorded meditations to help clear blocks and raise your vibration
  • Additional tips and tricks throughout the month
  • Members receive exclusive discounts on coaching sessions, in-person classes and retreats

What should I expect after I register?

You will have immediate and exclusive access to the membership portal, Jennifer will reach out personally to schedule your one on one mentoring sessions totaling 3-4 hours per month.  All recorded material as well as a private Facebook page for an ongoing connection to this sacred circle.

Every month we will focus on a new theme. Examples include:

  • Clairvoyance
  • Magnetizing clients
  • Stepping onto a higher path
  • Receiving clear guidance
  • Creating your perfect business
  • Intuitive Spark

Jen will teach you the real deal, share all the mistakes she has made and teach you the quickest  path to a success!!


If you purchase and join the Intuitive Coaching Program, we offer a 30 day happiness guarantee.  Cancel for any reason within 30 days of purchasing your subscription. 

If you need any assistance with your subscription, please contact us at and we will be happy to help.

Insight Circle Memberships are completely free

Intuitive Coaching Certification Program

6 month program-$300.00 per month

Custom created to fit your needs and schedule- 3-4 hour a month of private individual instruction with practicum hands on learning.

30 day happiness guarantee

*Pay in full discounts avaliable

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