Hi, I’m Jennifer Maes

Welcome! My life’s work is to serve people who are ready to learn how to tap into their own divine direction and surrender to their soul’s true purpose.   I offer you the tools to get exactly what they want through intuitive expression.  I have a degree in criminal justice, a background as a top notch sales executive, along with extensive experience as an intuitive coach and teacher.  When i’m not teaching, I love to cook, travel, walk outside for miles and spend time with my 2 young sons, playing star wars and superheroes. As an Intuitive Coach and Spiritual Teacher I specializes in training and coaching individuals to awaken you divinity by unblocking your spiritual and energetic body and help bring forth your light to shine into the world in an extraordinary way!

Soul Path Insights Philosophy

Soul Path Insights is dedicated to empowering individuals, coaches and entrepreneurs by creating a sacred space to develop intuitive abilities and raise your vibration.   The first of this journey begins when we understand that we are all energy and that literally everything is energy. Vibration matches vibration and is the key element to a mind, body, spirit approach to business and life. We learn how to create a new point of attraction from a conscious perspective as we co-create at every moment. We cultivate the belief by teaching that we all have the birth right to tap into our inner knowing, foster the true self and its expression.

We look forward to connecting with you wherever you are on this amazing journey called LIFE~