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What we do

Vibrational Marketing Membership

Created for entrepreneurs, coaches and sales professionals who want to start or expand a business by doubling or tripling their client base. Bring your unique gifts to the world, help others and journey with like-minded souls for a unique connection.

Dreamweaver Experience

Are you ready to tap into your POWER? Coaching with Jennifer is an opportunity to work from the inside out through transformation at the soul level. Intended to help raise your vibration and make quick energetic shifts. These amazing sessions are packed with insight and healing for a one of kind experience.

Soul Path Insights Philosophy

Soul Path Insights is dedicated to empowering individuals, coaches and healers by creating a sacred space for them to open up their intuitive abilities and help others. The first of this journey begins when we understand that we are all energy and that literally everything is energy. Energy is a key element to a mind, body, spirit approach to business and life. Vibration matches vibration (congrats that is why you are here seeking right now!) Whether you are conscious of it or not, we are co-creating at every moment. Here at SPI we cultivate the belief by teaching that we all have the birth right to tap into our inner knowing to foster the true self and its expression.

Connection, freedom, infinite and love. Are you ready to go deeper?

  • Soul

    Spirit, essence & infinite life force, which embodies everything sacred & holds the divine imprint of all experiences throughout existence.

  • Path

    To encounter a sequence of unique steps & events with a destination or end goal in mind.

  • Insights

    A deep understanding and state of being connected with clear ability to perceive energetic vibrations and subtle energies all around.

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 We all broadcast a specific vibration at every moment of everyday.  In this Vibrational Marketing Membership we will focus on clearing, creating and then calling in your ideal client and business.